IDEAS Hub Masterclass Series [Summer 2017]

Do you want to change the world?

Ever wanted to know how can you impact change in areas you care about?

Good news! The IDEAS Hub is organising 3 exciting courses over summer which will equip you with the skills to be an impact driven leader.

. Marine Conservation
26 June to 1 July (6 Day Course)

Do you have a passion for protecting environment? In this course, we will be exploring the world of marine conservation in Singapore. You will be able to learn about the different types of equipment and technology used to preserve local marine ecosystems.

There will also be a visit to the local islands around Singapore.

This unique course is jointly organised by Van Oord, Tropical Marine Science Institute, Intel Singapore and the IDEAS Hub.

Social Business Innovation
(Social Entrepreneurship)
17 to 28 July (10 Day Course)

Become an entrepreneur with a conscience!

Learn how to create sustainable businesses that are able to empower communities around the world. Join The Change School as they share with you how to use social innovation more effectively to create a more equitable world.


Backpack Filmmaking: Stories for Social Change
31 July to 13 August (11 Day Course)

 If you believe in the power of film to change hearts and mins on issues close to your heart, the Backpack Filmmaking: STories for Social Change course is just for you.

Join Tejas, Ewing, an award winning filmmaker as he brings you on a journey of making a film using just an iphone that will make you an agile and savvy social activist.


Each course is open to students aged 14-18 years of age and costs $1560.Learn more at our Masterclass Series.For more enquiries, please feel free to drop us an email or call us at+6567755344 (Ext: 1687).