The Microthon is a single-day event, aimed to teach an introduction to coding for younger audiences. It’s hosted at the IDEAS Hub every year. It allows kids to be exposed to the latest technologies from around the world. This year, we’re using the Microbits. Teams will be split into two tracks, one for teams in G5 and below, and one for teams in G6 and above. The G5 and below track will be given a theme before the day to build a story or project about using the microbits, and will be able to use technologies, get guidance from volunteers, the organisers and the internet. The G6 and above track will be given all the time to prepare whatever they would like to build. This track is completely open to themes of all kinds, but only assistance for technical difficulties will be provided.

Who is it for?

The Microthon is for kids in Grade 8 and below. If you’re older, then check out the IDEAS Hacks. Competitors are split into two streams – the Grade 5 and below stream, and the Grade 6 and above stream. People will only compete against others in the same stream.

Our next competition will be held in May 2018!