The IDEAS Hub at UWCSEA Dover recently organised a three-day  ‘Eco-design & Technology for Marine Conservation’ course as part of its Masterclass Series. The programme was made possible by the kind support of Van Oord and the UWCSEA Foundation.
Students spent three days exploring how technology and the use of eco-design in marine engineering can contribute to conservation efforts. They spent much of the first day building their own ‘Water Monitoring Kits’ - Arduino-based Water Quality sensor, to track acidity, turbidity and temperature levels for both marine and inland bodies of water.
On the second day, the students took a trip out to St John’s Island and had a chance to visit the St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory and test their Water Monitoring Kits around different parts of the island.
On the last day, students were lucky enough to have two marine engineers from Van Oord lead an all-day session on sustainability and the the use of eco-design in marine engineering projects. Students had opportunities to engage with real-life case studies, role-play different stakeholders in marine engineering projects, and model their own engineering designs on our new Emriver stream table.
It is our hope that the Marine Conservancy course remains a part of the IDEAS Hub programmes in subsequent years and continues to attract students interested in marine conservation, technology and ecology.


In September 2017, the IDEAS Hub partnered with LEGO to create the LEGOxUWCSEA ‘Bricks to Big Ideas’ Challenge, which gives students an opportunity to not only receive a LEGO kit (valued at $2,000) but also have their creative idea displayed in LEGO offices all over the world.
In this competition, students were required to submit a video of not more than one minute, telling their story about the LEGO brick. Submissions were to be made in teams of four via Google Drive and the contest open to both Middle and High School  students.
Overwhelmingly, students expressed a great interest in the competition, and with 22 submissions, it was extremely difficult to select six that best matched the LEGOxUWCSEA competition criteria! The videos ranged from a narrative about a LEGO character, to a dramatic LEGO-created scene, to a simple voice-over on why the LEGO brick is so meaningful to the team.
On the 6 and 10 October 2017, the six teams that made it to the final round had a briefing at the IDEAS Hub with Malti Peplow, Senior Manager of Retail Innovation of LEGO for Asia, along with presentations from several speakers on behalf of LEGO. 
These teams will also have an exciting change to visit the LEGO Asia Regional Headquarters, located right in the heart of Singapore! This tour will be held on the 7 November, along with presentations for the students providing them a better insight into marketing strategies and techniques in order to make their newly proposed idea as effective as possible.
Our final presentation and judging will be on the 17 November 2017, again at the LEGO Office in Singapore. This heated hour will involve a 10-minute presentation from each of the six teams, with five minutes of presenting and five minutes of Q&A. However, the intensity of the competition will hopefully be cooled by some snacks and drinks along the way in the LEGO Headquarters.
The anticipation is coming to a peak! Stay tuned - We are now in one of the most crucial moments of this dynamic competition, and the next few weeks can either make - or break - the aspiring teams.


Three talented Grade 10 students Arya Vohra, Taichi Kato and Khushaal Jamu (team name Photonify) participated in one of the most prestigious hackathons in Singapore, Startup Weekend Singapore(SWSG) Mega 2017. This event put them in competition with older and more experienced digital creators and they were the youngest competitors in the running. Their entry, an AI app that enables everyone to take professional quality photos in a snap, won the tech-wonder-threesome the award for Most Creative Team and a cash prize of $40,000 (as an in-kind sponsorship), a droid inventor kit and a microbits starter kit. 

This is the second hackathon win for the students as they won second place at the  IDEAS Hub hacking competition, IDEA Hacks in 2016. In the same year, they also created Questo, an app that generates questions based on a user-provided text or photo using IBM Watson, a artificial intelligence software.

At Startup Weekend Singapore, together with three other team mates, they created Photonify. It is an AI powered compositional photography assistant, designed to help anyone take professional photos. While the students developed the technology behind the app, Gabriel, Daniel, and Jiamin whom they met during the hackathon contributed to the business aspect of the idea. 

During the hackathon, they were put through bootcamps where they learnt about business model canvas, financial modeling and product development from experienced mentors. 

The students also known fondly as Team Questo are now planning their next steps in their journey as entrepreneurs. They will be organising the next IDEA Hacks 2017 with all the experience they now have in nurturing other student innovators and entrepreneurs.




On the 15 June 2017, several UWCSEA students had the honour of presenting their projects to the Duke of York who was visiting UWCSEA Dover Campus. On the day of the visit, the IDEAS Hub was transformed into a mini exhibition space, with several groups of students presenting their innovative projects, including turtle shaped fidget spinners, rainforest conservation technology and smart mirrors powered by Intel technology. The Duke of York listened attentively to each group as they enthusiastically explained their ideas. As put by one of our Grade 6 students, "It was indeed a privilege to be able to speak to royalty."

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