IDEAS Hub Creates series celebrates the makers and creators at our vibrant hub. These short snippets of their maker journeys will hopefully inspire you to start your own journey of discovery.

In every story, each individual is a unique, independent, passionate and authentic creator using the Hub. The IDEAS Hub provides a platform for everyone to make the world a better place.


Vedant is our resident budding coder. He was one of the first few students to participate in the many activities organized at the Hub. At the first IDEA Hacks, a student led design competition, Vedant’s team emerged as one of the winners. He enjoys making electronic creations using Arduino. As an IDEAS Hub Leader, he is also very involved in lending a hand to younger students who wish to learn how to code or 3D print.


Questo is an app that generates questions based on a user-provided text or photo. It enables students, teachers and enterprises to create effective study materials quickly and effectively. It was created by Grade 9 students in 2016 during the first IDEA Hacks.

Ethical Hacking Club

Students in the club have the same aim of learning how to make the internet a safer place for everyone. The students meet once a week to learn about the different systems and mechanisms of cyber security.