On the 22nd and 29th of April, we hosted the popular Restyle Your Wardrobe Workshops by Agatha Lee from Agy Textile Artist. Participants learnt to create new stylish outfits from their old clothes. 

It was a workshop filled with lots of sewing fun as some worked with a sewing machine for the first time. There was also lots of additional accessories provided to give your outfit some bling. Trousers were turned into skirts, long t shirts turned into stylish tunics and holes were made into artworks. 

There were many creative ideas being traded. Agatha will be back with more workshops in the new school term so do keep a look out for them!


The wonderful community behind Hackware, Singapore's most accessible tech meetup was held in the IDEAS Hub on April 5th from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Hackware is a monthly meetup for developers and enthusiasts to share hacks and developments in the hardware, electronics, IoT scene, promote engineering and build a community.

Their talks typically include projects on electronics, embedded system, radio communications, internet of things and many more!
At the meet up, students were able to meet tech enthusiasts and share ideas.

Among the ideas shared that day were:

1. Yet another LED light and why we need it - Alex Filimonov

2.Connecting (IoT) things with Electric Imp - Ross Brigoli

3. DIY Bio Lab Equipment - Arvin Febriyan

4. 3(stage)60(V) no scope coilgun - Tay Jing Xuan and Eliot Lim

5. Fun with Dremel Idea Builder 3d Printer - Ronaldo

Did we also mention that the pizza was a big draw? The IDEAS Hub looks forward to bringing more of these events to the space to cross pollinate ideas and to build a thriving tech community within UWCSEA!

On the 15th of May, we organised our very first student-led hackathon for younger students in May. Called the Microthon, it featured the brand new and shiny Micro:bit from BBC, it was a blast! While the High Schoolers had lots of chances to participate in hackathons, this was the first hackathon for Junior and Middle Schoolers. Best of all, it was open to both local and international schools :)

We also had students from Pathlight School send two teams. Team Armstrong, which chose as its theme, Environment Sustainability, created a recycling bin with a counter module to encourage people to recycle more. They were named winner for the Senior Category for their project!

We'd like to thank the participants, dedicated parent-volunteers, Roboto Academy, Microsoft and ADFT for making this event a success! Special thanks to Ms. Foo Hui Hui of IMDA of IMDA and Mr. Don Carlson of Microsoft for coming in as our guest judges.

Check out our photos at our Facebook page.

#Codeathon is a learning-intensive hackathon experience for complete beginners to build app prototypes with friends. Through the weekend introductory courses, ongoing learning and mentorship concluding in an online submission, participants were able to go from zero to building an app for gender equality for an audience!

 The competition was held from March 18-19 at The IDEAS Hub. Participants were divided into two tracks: beginner and advanced. It was pretty interesting as participants learnt Java and Scratch to create apps that helped tackle gender equality. Most of them agreed that it was a very educational and fun 2 days! 

#codeathon was proudly supported by the U.S. State Department as part of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), the US-ASEAN Business Council, The IDEAS Hub @ UWCSEA and the UN Women Singapore Committee.
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