A few weeks back I had a fantastic opportunity to work with Intel and Makedemy as a Catalyst Trainee over the course of a week. Each catalyst had been selected over the past weeks through an interview process that consisted of team building activities as well as an engaging facilitation task. I was lucky to be part of this and get through the interview process along with 15 - 17 others from varied backgrounds - High School students, College Graduates etc.

I wasn't sure what to expect from those 5 days but during the course of those days, I learned so much more than I had expected. On the first day, our hosts were helping us get familiarized with the basic Hardware and Software portions that we were going to look deeper into during the week through a game. This game lasted 90 minutes and kept us on our toes with the exciting puzzles and schematic diagrams we were presented with. We were able to enjoy with our groups but also learn a lot through the process of this game.

After this, we were introduced more to the Maker Movement, a growing craze in Singapore. The following few days we were given the opportunity to design our own game that met certain learning objectives but also kept the attendees occupied and challenged them. This was certainly a task - harder than what it seems. Furthermore, we were also presented with the opportunity to facilitate a session with a group of local school Teachers. This was quite an interesting experience, helping us get ready for our 48 hours of working as facilitators! Towards the end, we were introduced to the Social Change project we each had to do and this was certainly an exciting end to the week.

Throughout the week, I learned so much more about Tech and how Tech really can help us solve the problems whether it being 3D printing Prosthetic arms or building a Braille Printer for the Blind, it enables us to do so much more. I am really inspired by this experience and hope to take it forward with me on my Tech Journey.

-Disha Mohta, Grade 9YJP

Have you ever wondered how to make a successful app that could impact millions of users? We often have questions from enterprising students on making the next big app to take over the world. We were happy to have Jaede Tan, the Regional Director at App Annie share  his thoughts on the app market and the future of apps.

Jaede Tan is a Regional Director at App Annie and drives business development and sales efforts across India, Southeast Asia and Australasia. He has over a decade of experience across Asia, Europe and the Middle East developing commercial relationships in the investment and mobile sectors. Jaede is an expert on the key role App Annie data plays in strategic decision making, especially for companies looking to grow in the fast moving industry of mobile apps.

His presentation was short but highly informative as he took the audience through the history of apps and the potential growth for the app market in Southeast Asia. There were many questions about how the app could progress. People were also curious to see if the rest of the world could emulate China where everyone uses WeChat as their main platform for all their daily activities. 

The Augmented Human Lab from the Singapore University of Technology and Design ran a one night only design thinking session at the IDEAS Hub on the 17th of May. They shared how their ways of creating enabling human-computer interfaces as natural extensions of our body, mind and behaviour.

In this participatory design session, participants were challenged to brainstorm on several design challenges. The focus was on training participants  to look at problems in a creative way. In this session, they were introduced to the design thinking approach  (discover, define, develop and deliver) to explore innovative ways of using technology to  support new learning experiences.

The session was led by Prof Suranga who has won many awards including young inventor under 35 (TR35 award) in the Asia Pacific region by MIT TechReview, Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka (TOYP), and INK Fellowship 2016.

It was an interesting night of ideating and designing ways to improve education in schools!


The month of May was really busy for us! We had 2 parent volunteers run workshops with us on Saturdays. On the 13th of May, we had Mrs Sonal Sinha who ran a workshop on Upholstery 101. She shared basic tips and tricks on how to style up old furniture.

We had two ladies who helped to sew new cushion covers for our couch which was shedding. The blue really complements the wall colours at the IDEAS Hub!

On 27th of May, we had carpenter extraordinaire, Ian Bellhouse share his experience in building houses and furniture. This workshop was perfect for those who have a passion for both woodworking. In this 3 hour session, students and their parents created simple wooden boxes to store items. 

Check out our Facebook Albums: Upholstering 101 with Sonal Sinha & Woodworking 101 with Ian Bellhouse


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