IDEAS Hub Guiding Statements

To provide a place that inspires and supports our community to explore, innovate, collaborate and create sustainable solutions to shape a better world.

Guiding Statements
Innovation and social entrepreneurialism have been characteristics of the UWC movement and UWCSEA from the earliest days. From the development of the Rigid Hull Inflatable (RIB) at Atlantic College, through the development of the Global Concerns programme at UWCSEA, up to the latest Solar for Dover initiative; staff and students have always been inspired and supported to develop ideas that shape a better world. The IDEAS Hub will further support that spirit by providing opportunities and assistance to the community to develop their skills and understanding to become effective change makers.

The IDEAS Hub will provide support through:

  • an inviting and well-equipped space that encourages collaboration and supports multidisciplinary thinking and relevant skill development
  • opportunities for the development of creative skills across a range of disciplines including modern prototyping and construction techniques, computer based design, software development and coding, robotics, video and music production
  • opportunities for the development of soft skills in project management, product design, marketing, entrepreneurialism, social enterprise and sustainable financing
  • a mentoring programme to provide expert support to individuals and groups in developing these skills and knowledge

The IDEAS hub will have these characteristics, it will:

  • be a vibrant and exciting space, owned by the community that uses it
  • encourage student leadership and value the student voice
  • be open after school and at weekends
  • be a cross-generational space that brings together students of all ages with staff and parents
  • encourage experimentation and thinking outside the box
  • showcase ongoing projects and celebrate the creativity of the community

Indicators of Success

The IDEAS Hub will be successful when:

  • It is vibrant and buzzing with energy
  • Thought leaders/speakers are delighted to have an opportunity to speak and engage with the community
  • It is a place that the community want to go for collaboration and creation. The growth is driven organically because the community are happy with the experience and outcomes
  • it becomes the place at UWCSEA (Dover) where most of the creative and venture activities take place
  • mentoring relationships are evident and successful
  • we have successful projects that have been developed through the complete life cycle of ideation to implementation
  • a project developed in the IDEAS Hub has become a successful product
  • other organisations are visiting us and looking to replicate what we do